LATEST RELEASE – The Light: A Book of Knowing

The Light Network’s latest release is the second of the three-book Light series – The Light: A Book of Knowing, How to Shine Your Light Brighter and Live in the Spiritual Heart.


In this sacred book, we see 22 shining contributors gather in one manuscript with their profound and radiant messages of Love and Light. It is designed to take those who have already embarked on the spiritual journey, to the next level of evolving enlightenment. Once spiritual seekers have read this book and allowed the contents to fully digest and work through their energetic bodies, they will find themselves living from the heart, spreading more love and joy, and giving back through acts of selfless service.

The first book in the series is called The Light: A Book of Wisdom. And the final book in the Light series, The Light: A Book of Truth will be the next to launch.

Information on pre-ordering will be available soon. To order in bulk, email Keidi: info@thelightnetwork.com

Here are all the contributors who have chapters in The Light: A Book of Knowing: