The Company

The Light Network is an exciting and innovative new publishing company that has come into being out of the vision and passion of its creator, Keidi Keating.

The first commission is the publication of The Light: A Book of Wisdom, the profit of which is 100 percent for seven charities. The Light Network’s mission moving forward is to launch further books and products, which help to empower people and spread Loving and Light.

If you are an expert or luminary in the mind body spirit, or personal / spiritual development fields, and you have a book or message to get out there to the world, read How to Get Published.

Our Mission Statement:

Humanity has been told by the sages, saints, and indigenous wisdom keepers that it is a time of great change on Earth. The old ways no longer serve. Our planet is currently owned and controlled by global corporations who are systematically leaching and plundering natural resources, in their relentless pursuit of more. The Earth is out of balance and humanity has largely lost touch with the rhythms and harmonies of nature, lost in a virtual world that is fueled by rampant materialism. It is time to do business in a new way. Instead of, ‘What can we get?’ the question is, ‘How can we serve?’ Out of the chaos, inspiration is arising and new leaders are emerging.

The Light Network will disseminate Universal Teachings through publishing, products, and events. Our company pledges to help and empower individuals and groups to transform into their radiant and full potential, becoming agents for love, compassion, joy, and peace. We aim to express our gratitude by sharing our good fortune. Each year a percentage of our profits will be gifted to our Non for Profit Company* the Spread the Light Foundation. We recognize that all paths ultimately lead to the One Light, and we know that it is ‘time to shine.’

*awaiting charitable status